RITU-Liege is Belgium’s only recurrent international festival of university theatre. Founded in 1983, it has become one of the oldest in Europe, in the world even, and it has achieved undisputed international fame.
By the way

RITU was the occasion for founding the International University Theatre Association (AITU / IUTA) in 1994 – www.iuta-aitu.org

Why? We will try to give at least two answers.

The History of Theatre in the second half of the 20th century cannot be recounted without considering the influence that university theatre, starting in the 1950s, has had on the revival of theatre full stop: it has certainly contributed to a serious challenge of the aesthetic of theatre and is at the origin of all off or alternative theatre.

The Rencontres Internationales de Théâtre Universitaire (International Encounters of UT) answer a principle of pleasure
  • Pleasure of playing : the proper definition of amateur.

  • Pleasure of travelling : they say it educates the young! And UT is a travelling theatre: the best evidence is certainly the TURLg which has recently visited over 40 countries and has welcomed 50.

  • Pleasure of meeting and of discovering : authors, plays, theatre practices, languages, cultures…and humans. And members of the public also benefit: they love to watch playing with pleasure, they are taken on journeys while seated in their theatre chairs, they meet and discover.

  • Pleasure, for the public to see theatre in the original : this is not very common. The investment and the dynamism shown by the teachers of the region who bring us their rows of students is a sign to us that they back our choice.

Fundamentally, RITU has sought to be, and has been since the beginning (1983), a forum, a hub where people come from all over to see ‘like-minded types’ and compare methods, practices, ideas and dreams in a friendly atmosphere, in short, exchange views, addresses, friendship…

RITU isn’t a festival it’s a festive encounter.